Sunday, October 20, 2013

Son's "Deflux" Surgery

The littlest member of our family had his surgery on Friday. He did great! Of course I cried terribly when the nurse wheeled him away, but all the staff at the hospital are sooooo good.

One thing I love about our Children's Hospital is that they are always thinking of the kids first. They gave my son a mild sedative, aka "goofy juice" that eased his separation anxiety before they wheeled him away. Only when he was asleep with the full anesthesia via breathing mask did they even start the IV and breathing tube. Only when he was fully asleep did they give him his catheter and get him positioned for surgery. So my son won't remember any of those things, which makes future visits a whole less stressful. We've been to this hospital so many times, my son now knows the neighborhood before we arrive there, and he starts freaking out! Before we even get there!

My son had "deflux" injections put into all three of his ureters. His left kidney is a duplex kidney with two ureters entering the bladder. The lower ureter is malformed, so the urologist injected deflux into the wall of his bladder where the ureter enters. When his bladder fills, the deflux makes a bump that forms an artificial valve to stop urine from refluxing back into his kidney.

The urologist was able to do all of this through a catheter in his urethra, so there are no incision marks. He is red as fire "down there", and it is really painful to pee. And when he needs to go, it's an urgent matter for him! The doctor said that might be the case for a week or so.

It took him a while to wake up from his anesthesia. After an hour of letting him sleep it off, the nurse came in and tried to get him to drink some apple juice. He was just so groggy, he only took a few sips and went back to sleep. After a while longer, two clowns came in and started blowing bubbles for him. THAT'S what woke him up and make him alert!

We got to go home the same day, once he was able to hold down his apple juice. He seemed almost bipolar on the way home, laughing at silly things his mind concocted such as "coffee guns", then crying almost uncontrollably because he wanted Burger King. It was, uhm...weird to see his moods change so fast.

The doctor gave him a narcotic pain reliever. We gave him one dose, and it made him super loopy and hyper. He really needed to be resting, but he was literally jumping off the sofa! I did NOT like it one bit.We won't give him any other doses, he seems to be okay with just Tylenol.

I noticed a small bit of blood in his urine the first night, but none after. The urologist said it might happen, so I was prepared and didn't freak.

Before the surgery, when the "goofy juice" was kicking in. He was a real flirt to all the nurses!:

After the surgery, which lasted an hour. He slept like this for about another hour post-surgery:

With Daddy, trying to drink a juice box.

We go back in a month to see how well the surgery worked. Please pray the swelling in his kidney has gone down.