Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Things I've Said to My Kids Part 5

Who put the green beans in the dryer?

 Yes, you may spend some time with your superhero suit.

 Who put my shoe on the doorknob?

 Take the hose back outside!

 Daddy doesn't have spaghetti sauce up his nose.

 No thank you, we don't need any monkey cookies.

 You're big enough to blow your own food.

 You won't die from lack of bun.

 I don't think chocolate chips and tomatoes make a very balanced dinner.

 I don't think Daddy wants me to have purple hair.

 Or green hair, either.

 Don't jump off the counters with your umbrella. You're not Mary Poppins.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Son's Duplex Kidney Update

Spent the night in the big city last night to avoid this morning's rush hour traffic on our way to my 3-year-old son's tests and appointment. Soooo much less stressful that way! His nuclear cystogram went well, we got to see our usual tech at the hospital. That guy is great with kiddoes (AND parents too!) My boy's urologist changed offices to within walking distance of the hospital, so no hurry-up across the city to get to the office appointment on time. So great!

TMI alert now, stop reading if you're squeamish: (don't say I didn't warn you!)

His urine refluxing back up into the lower pole of his bad kidney is getting worse, and that kidney is constantly swollen. The doctor was hopeful he would grow into his "tortuous" ureter, but it's still all kinked and twisted. So the doctor is going to schedule his surgery soon, please be in prayer for both my son and his worried parents! The surgery will fix the reflux, but there's a chance it won't correct the swelling in the kidney. Sometimes kids with this condition end up with even more backed-up kidneys because the surgery to correct the bad valve that causes the reflux ends up making the bad ureter drain less well. Sometimes the swelling corrects itself, because the reflux is no longer keeping the kidney backed up. It's a 50-50, but the reflux has to be fixed no matter what. We won't know anything definitive about the kidney swelling until a few weeks after the surgery is done, so please be in prayer for a good outcome. I really appreciate that the urologist has taken a 'wait and see' approach for so long with my son. I really like this particular doctor!
Here's some interesting reading about my son's condition (in case you like reading this sort of stuff):
 What is a duplex kidney? (We don't live in Colorado, but I like this description.)

How to surgically repair VUR (Scroll down to the paragraph titled "Endoscopic Repair" for the procedure my son will have.)