Thursday, August 22, 2013

21 Years Ago

On August 22, 1992:

Two young kids who were madly in love got married.

For better: 3 awesome kids.

For worse: 2 deployments (one for 12 months, another for 15 months). On Honey's very last mission before he retired, his vehicle was hit by an IED. Only by God's divine grace was Honey unhurt.

For richer: extremely blessed!

For poorer: when we were first married, we had $40 "mad money" each month. That was all!...

In sickness: Strep throat, 5 surgeries, countless tummy bugs, glaucoma.

In health: We are both healthy, praise God!

To love and to cherish: Always! After 21 years, we are learning what agape love really means.

Our engagement picture:
Our wedding picture:

Monday, August 5, 2013

Things I've Said to My Kids (Part 4)

Yes, you may poke the fireplace with your arrow.

Don't tease your brother about July.

Why is the blender in your room?

Take the chainsaw out of your pants.

Why are you putting blueberries into the flashlight?

You can think the broccoli tastes "brown," but it's not rusty.

Chocolate milk on the mirror? Seriously?

Yes, you may take your swords for a walk.

I don't think you should cut your sister's hair with the chainsaw.