Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Picking and Shelling Peas

I planted a 14 foot row of peas this year. Those peas are doing better than any other peas I've ever grown. (They're sugar snap peas, which are hybrids. Although I'm trying to stay away from hybrids in general, sugar snap peas are sooooo good. I'll make an exception for them!)
The vines are pushing 6 feet tall, they're trellised, and I added compost to the row before I planted them. That's it. No extra fertilizer. Just prayer and good ol' sunshine and rain!
Today I picked a bunch.
My older boy LOVES to eat raw peas.
Shelling peas can be a homeschool moment: We counted how many peas were in each pod. We figured out which pods had more or less. (Who needs worksheets? Bah humbug on worksheets, LOL)

The shelled peas. If you're planning to harvest enough peas to feed a family of five, you'll need to plant a LOT. This first picking gave us enough peas for about 1 1/2 meals.