Thursday, December 19, 2013

News from around here

Been away from the blog for a while, but I wanted to get caught up with the goings-on around our neck of the woods.

First, our daughter was rear-ended last month. When she called, she knew I'd panic, so she very gently said, "Mama, NO ONE WAS HURT!!" Then she said, "I was rear ended, IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!" She couldn't have worded it any better, she's so good. As long as no one was hurt and it wasn't her fault, all would be well.

But it is an ongoing headache. The guy who hit her didn't want to call the cops, but I told my daughter that she had to call the cops asap, don't let the guy leave the accident scene before she got his info and called the police. So the police did come, and the guy who hit my daughter's car was given a citation. Our daughter's car (a year 2000 Mazda 626) was barely damaged--it had a broken tail light and a cracked bumper, but the other guy's Nissan Titan (a full-sized pick up truck that resembles a military tank!) had a pretty crumpled front grill. I suppose those trucks are made more for looks than actual safety?? So to anyone who might be looking for a reliable, safe used car for their young driver, I can attest to the safety of the Mazda 626 (as well as reliability--the car has more than 120,000 miles on it. Besides the usual maintenance of an older car, it seems to still run okay. --Knock on wood!)

But this guy has been dragging his feet getting his business taken care of ever since the accident. He never called his insurance company. We called our insurance company the next day, but they told us that we'd have to take care of our deductible for repairs until the guy called his company. way am I shelling out a deductible on the hopes that we MIGHT see it again if/when the guy actually calls to report the accident. Even though we faxed a copy of the police report showing the guy was at-fault and ticketed for following too closely.

So our daughter drove around with a busted tail light and cracked bumper for more than a week before OUR agent actually called the guy to say, "We know about the accident, care to tell us about it??" Only then did he 'fess up.

The guy still hasn't paid his citation either, and his court date is tomorrow. Honey is planning to go with our daughter, who's under summons to appear against this guy. If allowed to speak, Honey plans to tell the judge just how much it angers him that this guy would seemingly try to take advantage of a young girl's naiveté. (The guy who hit her is in his late 40s, he should know better!)

The second drama going on right now is our youngest boy's kidney. The deflux procedure has resolved his urine reflux, but his bad kidney is still swollen and draining wayyyyyyy too slow. The urologist suspects he has a kinked ureter. We had two different tests up at Children's Hospital (120 miles away), and the urologist is going to call to discuss the results. The repair procedure for a kinked ureter is more complicated than a deflux injection, so we are praying for wisdom and guidance. The nuclear medicine guy who almost always does our son's tests explained the two popular ways to fix a kinked ureter are either by putting in a stent, or detaching then reattaching the ureter to the bladder. I don't know which repair method our urologist prefers, and I know I'm getting ahead of myself with all of it. We'll know more when we know more! But this Mama is worried...obviously.

We were planning a big road trip across the country during this Christmas break. But that got canceled at the last minute when my daughter got her court summons and my littlest guy had to have his bladder and renal scans. So we did a road trip, but it was only in-state to Childrens Hospital, LOL.

Merry Christmas, remember the true reason for the season is that the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ came down as a babe to experience humanity, die for our sins, and offer us true and eternal salvation. This is the greatest gift ever--better than video games, big-screen TVs, name brand clothing, jewelry, electronics, anything!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!


  1. Have you called his company to report the claim? If you have his name, etc, they can look up his policy number, and then they'll hunt him down if they have to pay money.. Or cancel him if they don't call them back. I used to work for an insurance company.

  2. Thanks, Brittney. I guess in my hurry to write it all out here, I forgot to say that his policy did eventually claim responsibility. Our daughter's car is, as I write this, being picked up from the auto shop because her repairs are done! Yay!!

  3. Glad things worked out! A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!