Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Honey graduated with a BBA in Management last night. The lighting in the arena was set for an evening ceremony, which made taking photos rather difficult. But here are the photos that turned out well enough to share:

Before the ceremony, at home.

In the arena: 

 Our oldest daughter attended the ceremony, but our two boys stayed home. They'll attend the next ceremony (for MBA, about 18 months from now).

His graduation bling: Two honor cords (Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Societies, a medallion for Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, and a silver medal for graduating with High Honors--Magna Cum Laude!)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Changing Tastebuds

Ever since we made the switch to a vegan diet, our tastebuds no longer want sweets. And that's a good thing!

I made banana muffins last Sunday, and I added just a few vegan chocolate chips into the batter for an extra treat. Honey ate half of one, and cringed that it was "too sweet." Honestly, y'all, I've NEVER heard my husband say that before! I know of only one other person on the face of this planet who has as bad of a sweet tooth as my husband, who shall remain nameless, although I call him "Daddy." (he he he) I never, ever thought I'd live to see the day my Honey turned up his nose at chocolate!

(When Honey and I were newlyweds, we'd go to Wal-Mart for a date. We'd each get a box of Little Debbies, a can of soda from the vending machines out front, then go back to Honey's truck while we each ate our own whole box of Little Debbies. Good times!) How's that for a sweet tooth?! Those days are long gone!

Today I made a new concoction I just invented, and I was going to post about it here. It was "Hawaiian Pizza Paninis." Our whole family thought it was too sweet. The sandwich tasted okay after we picked out the pineapple, but it wasn't jaw-dropping amazing enough to warrant a full post with photos.

Even the fresh pineapple alone tasted too sweet for us!

We switched from "original" almond milk to plain, unsweetened almond milk. Honey mentioned that he thinks even the plain variety has a sweetness to it.

Honey didn't seem to go through any withdrawals from meat, eggs, dairy, or sugar when we revamped our diet. I was really surprised, but after only a few days of vegan fare, he said we could switch over permanently. He has more energy, a cheerier outlook, and seems to be sleeping better at night. And, let's just say that his original digestive problems have resolved themselves too. His bone spur will probably need to be medically removed, but I am hopeful that his bone spur issues will not return. (He's had three ankle surgeries thus far.) He's been spending more time at the gym, and even though he had to take a break from his weight lifting because of work and school, he's almost back to lifting the heaviest weight he was before his hiatus.

He has decided that we will BOTH give up caffeine after his last final exam later this week. (Wait, say what? You want me to give up the one cup of coffee I let myself drink each morning? My only vice?) But I'm on board with it, really.

Honey's ultimate goal is to completely stop taking his Nexium. It messes with your calcium levels, which also contributes to his bone spurs. And he knows from experience that drinking coffee aggravates his acid reflux, so if he wants to give up all caffeine, I'll support him.

On a different note, Honey graduates with his BBA in Management this evening! Pictures forthcoming!