Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Live with Parrots

Honey just left for his second day at his new job. It definitely keeps him busy, which he likes.
But I think need to start saying goodbye to him in a different way as he walks out the door. Our one year old just chimed, "Bye Bye, Honey!"
When our daughter was three years old, I taught her that Honey and I have actual names beside "Mommy" and "Daddy."
I asked her, "What's my name?"
She replied, "Mommy."
I asked, "Yes, but what do other people call me?"
She answered, "Stacie."
Then I pointed to my husband and asked, "What's his name?"
She responded, "Daddy."
I asked, "Yes, but what do other people call him?"

Her answer: "Honey."

Monday, May 28, 2012


Our daughter graduated from High School this weekend!

Here she is, marching in to Pomp and Circumstance.

Her graduating class--360 graduates.
Marching across the stage.
After graduation, the faculty of the school shook the hands of the graduates.
Hugging her Grammy after the ceremony.

With Grammy, who was able to fly from another state to see her graduate.

With her parents.

She is good friends with the valedictorian. (I think he looks like a young Bill Gates. He'll probably be successful like Bill Gates, too!)
At home, for the after-party. Her brothers wanted those balloons in a big, bad way!

Some friends and neighbors came over for a BBQ.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Honey's Job Inteview

The manager of the self-storage/moving supply store called Honey last night, and offered him the job!

Honey starts Wednesday, so pray for him please! He is not really interested in a paycheck at this point (which, don't get me wrong, would be seriously helpful), but mostly getting a civilian resume going.

Honey thinks that owning a self-storage business would be successful in our area, so working at one might help him decide if owning one is what he'd like to do.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Site for a Future Birthday Party?

My three year old, whose birthday isn't until next January, told Honey, "I want to have my birthday party in an elevator, so all my friends can push buttons."

He also mentioned that he wants an "air cake." I don't know what an air cake is, but it sounds really easy to make!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I bought two tubs of ladybugs for my garden yesterday. Here are some of them, checking out their new home:

About 15 years ago, I bought some live ladybugs for my garden, and they lived with us very happily. I bought them at a national retailer, so I thought I'd check that particular store again to see if they still sold ladybugs. Seriously, y'all, this is how the conversation with the gardening clerk went:

Me: I'm looking for ladybugs, do you still sell them?
Clerk: No, we don't sell bugs.
Me: Do you know where I could find some? I bought them from you guys about 15 years ago.
Clerk: (Totally serious) I don't think you want bugs in your garden. They'd eat all your plants.
Me: (Trying not to crack up laughing) Ladybugs are actually good for your garden. They eat other insects, especially aphids.

The clerk thought I was crazy. I decided to look for ladybugs at a different store!
I ended up getting some at a locally owned business. (Not a national chain...)

Here's my youngest son, looking at the ladies on the cantalope plants.

The ladybugs seem to be happy in the garden. (Maybe I've got lots of bugs for them to eat.) But they are already, uhm...making very close friends with each other, shall we say?

At the same store where I bought the ladybugs, they also sold praying mantids egg cases, which I might look into getting for next year. Those would be really interesting to watch!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pray for My Honey!

Please pray for my Honey. He's got a job interview for a part-time position at a local moving and self-storage facility. His interview is for 10:30 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

Thanks, and I'll post how he did once we know.

****Update: Honey went to the interview, but he didn't really have an opportunity to talk to the manager/owner. He simply filled out release forms to check his credit report and driving record. The owner did make sure that Honey fully understood it's only a part time job, about 20 hours per week. So we'll just wait to see what happens next.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another Garden Update

Here are some pics from my garden as of today. I was going to mention how weird the weather has been this year, and how everything I've grown is already blossoming and setting fruit. Out of curiosity, I looked at my blog entries from last year, and found these two.

It was right about this time last year that my green beans were bringing their first crop, and my hydrangea started blooming. So maybe it's not weird weather after all, but a sign of the times to come? Only the Lord knows!

Here are some pics I took today:

A "real" asparagus spear. I'm really tempted to harvest it, but it would be the only one.

 My bell peppers have little tiny peppers starting on them. My one eggplant has a blossom.

One of my 5 blueberry bushes. I mulched around them with oak sawdust. Honey made a LOT of sawdust when he took out the stumps, and I hated for it to go to waste.

My little cantalopes got a late start this year, but they're coming right along.

 Beets and carrots. On the far right of the beets is a volunteer watermelon. I mentioned in a previous post that I had some sort of volunteer. It's a watermelon, but I don't know if it will produce any fruit. I can't remember if the variety I planted 5 years ago (the last time I planted watermelon) was a hybrid or not.

 My collards are getting eaten by pests, but I've been putting off spraying. I try to keep my garden pesticide-free as much as possible.

My corn is still very short, but look at what I've already got! Corn will be here soon!

 This cucumber is about 6 inches long. I planted the long "European" kind, so there's still lots more growing for this little guy to do!

 My daylilies in the front yard already have buds!

 My garden from a distance.

 My gardenias are already blooming. They smell heavenly!

My faithful hydrangea. I planted it from a one-gallon Mother's Day 5 years ago. It has grown much, much bigger than I anticipated. I love that it's still purple, my favorite color.

The little tomato that could is getting bigger!

One of my boys mowing the lawn. (Can you see Honey in the background, "supervising?")

My green beans are climbing up the tepee. See the plastic tub? I put it there to collect water when I run the sprinkler. When it's filled, I know the green beans have gotten a good drink, and I can use the water in the tub later to hand-water other parts of the garden. (I HATE to waste water!)


Spaghetti squash has two little knobs on it!

 A sweet potato. I dug out a 3 foot by 5 foot (give or take) area of my yard  to plant some sweet potatoes that were in my kitchen a bit too long. Here's the first sprout.

See the little toad? I have a few that visit my garden, and I love each one. (Another big reason why I try to keep chemical-free.)

Tomatoes are getting bigger.

 Yellow squash will probably be ready for picking by the end of this month.

 Zucchini has started blossoming this week.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Honey had a nasty injury yesterday. Don't read this if you're squeamish.

Okay, I'm warning you...Last chance to turn away...

We had a large stump in our yard from When We Had An Oak Tree Felled at the end of last year. The stump was a pain for Honey to dig out. He worked many long, sweaty hours trying to hack away at it. He used up a couple of chainsaw blades trying to get it into manageable pieces, too. Finally, this weekend, he said he was just going to rent a stump grinder. Wow, either those blades were dull (but they were replaced right before Honey rented it), or that oak tree was seriously hardwood! Honey got it as good as he could, but the stump was growing through our chainlink fence, so he couldn't grind it up completely. He hacked away at it some more with an axe, but it was still too much. Yesterday, he rented the stump grinder again, and finally got rid of the stump.

Then he had to replace the chainlink fence. He bought some new chain link and started stringing it up. Honey's set up, replaced, relaced, and repaired chain link fencing for many years. But yesterday, he had a battle with this chain linking, and the chain link won.

Okay, really...this is your final chance to quit reading before I tell you the gruesome injury.

Honey had a piece of chain link go through his shoe, into one of his toes, out the other end, and into another toe! He thinks he nicked a bone, too. It bled like crazy!

He's fine now, but limping pretty badly. His toes are a little swollen, but not much. If you didn't know which toes he'd hurt, you probably couldn't tell. Last night, he said he might go to the doctor today. But this morning, he said it didn't hurt nearly as much, so he thinks he'll be okay.

Here's the finished fence, sans stump. (I miss the shade of the tree, but I'm so much more glad to be free of those pesky acorns!)

Imagine that...Honey used a chainsaw, an axe, and a stump grinder safely without incident. But the little chainlink is what got him!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Awana Grand Prix

Last night was our church's Awana Grand Prix. It's an annual pinewood car derby, and the kids (and adults) look forward to this annual tradition.

Since our older boy is in Awana Clubs this year, we let him (well, mostly his Daddy) make a car to race. Here are lots of pics from the big night!

Ready to go to the Grand Prix! Our son (well, mostly his Daddy) made a Superman themed race car. Here's the pit crew revved up at our house, ready to go.

When we got to church and entered the car for racing, we had to weigh it. The max allowed weight is 5 ounces. We were a little underweight (2.8 ounces), so we had to take the car to the "garage" to get some weights glued to its undercarriage.

Some of the crowd getting ready for the race to start. Even adults can make cars to enter into the Grand Prix. (Some of our adults get a little cutthroat in their competition!) But it's all in good fun.

Our car, on the judging table. The entries get judged on design as well as speed.

Our Awana Director, Mister Rex, is checking to see that our son's car will roll on the track with those weights added to it.

Honey and our son watching the competition!

We had a great turnout this year!

Our son's car took 2nd place in all its races, but he won 2nd place for Design! Here he is, excited over his very first trophy!

A very sweet man at church, Brother Wayne, uses a power wheelchair. The kids at church LOVE to take rides with him! (Our youngest son is still too scared to try it, but he always watches with fascination. But our older boy rode with Wayne for several laps around our church gym.)

Next year, our youngest boy will be in Awana clubs. We'll let him (well, mostly his Daddy) make a car too. We're going to make the Grand Prix a family tradition!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Garden Update

Lots of good pics for this post.

Beets. I need to start picking some of their greens soon.

Bell peppers already have blossoms!

My biggest bibb lettuce, I'll probably pick the whole head soon.

Broccoli. The cabbage worms are out early this year! I have been hand picking the worms about twice each day. As much as I hate Sevin dust, I might just have to break down and use it. I didn't take a picture of my collard greens, but I've picked a few worms off of them as well.


The clematis bloomed early this year!

Corn. It goes in a "U" shape around the green bean tepee. That's a soaker hose I put around each stalk.

Cucumbers are strange this year. They're still very short, haven't even started climbing the trellis yet. But they're already blossoming.

Little cucumbers already forming!

 Whole garden view. That's asparagus up front, I need to start filling in the trenches.
My older boy having fun in the sawdust from the stump grinder Honey rented today.

Blossom on a green bean.

The green bean tepee.

Marigolds blooming already!

My younger boy playing with what's left of some dandelions. 

The first of the radish harvest.

Radishes still to be picked.

Two spaghetti squash plants.

My buddy, Stella.

Honey using the stump grinder.

Tomatoes are already setting fruit.

The Little Tomato That Could is still going strong.

Yellow squash. That's only three plants in the photo. They are growing like crazy this year!

Yellow squash already blossoming and setting fruit.

Zucchini is getting big too, but no blossoms yet.